AAA Norfolk Tides See Big Merchandise Sales Increase in 2016 Thanks to New Color Scheme

In case you forgot, or perhaps didn't know at all, the 2016 season saw the Baltimore Orioles' AAA affiliate, the Norfolk Tides, wearing a new color scheme with new logos. Thanks to that new color scheme and logos, the Tides saw a big merchandise sales increase in 2016.

OF Christian Walker
Photo: Patrick Cavey

David Hall, of the Virginian-Pilot, wrote on Thursday that the Tides saw about a 50 percent increase in merchandise sales this year over the 2015 season.

The Tides unveiled their new color scheme and logos last December, and as one would expect, merchandise sales increased sharply. An immediate sales increase is to be expected when a team unveils a new color scheme and logo, but fortunately for the Tides, that increase continued throughout the year.

If you don't know, prior to the 2016 season, the Tides had a blue-and-white color scheme, but this season they wore a nice green-and-orange scheme along with two kinds of logos, a seahorse and an anchor.

Not everyone fell in love with the new color scheme, especially at first, but people seemed to come around and the sales prove it.

In Hall's piece, he spoke with the team's merchandise manager, AnnMarie Piddisi Ambler, and Ambler mentioned that the top selling products were the green hats, and even shipped orders to Canada and Mexico.

When I first heard about the new color scheme and logos coming out, I was really curious if Rip Tide, the mascot we all came to love, was still going to be a part of the "rebrand" and thankfully, Rip Tide remained and was joined by Triton, a mascot designed with the current color scheme and logo.

One of the most interesting things about Hall's piece and discussion with Ambler was that Ambler noted that demand for merchandise increased in towns that the Tides had just played, which is pretty cool to me.

If you would like to take a look at the Tides' merchandise, you can do so by visiting their online store by clicking here.


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