Don't Look Now, But Baltimore Orioles' Prospect, 1B Trey Mancini Continues To Hit

It should really come as no surprise to anyone who follows the Baltimore Orioles and their minor leagues, but first base prospect Trey Mancini continues to do what he does best this spring, hit.

Photo: Patrick Cavey

Mancini, 24 (turns 25 next week), has done nothing but hit, and hit well since being drafted in the eighth round of the 2013 MLB Draft out of Notre Dame. The guy has a career batting average of .306 in parts of five minor league seasons, yeah, he can hit.

After getting a late-season promotion to the big leagues for the first time in 2016, guess what he did in his short stint in the bigs? Hit. Mancini appeared in five games with the O's and hit .357 (5-14) with three home runs, five RBI and scored three runs.

Thus far this spring, it's more of the same for Mancini, who is hitting .350 with three doubles, four RBI and three runs scored in 20 at-bats. 

The 2015 Orioles' Minor League Player of the Year has done nothing but produce at the plate in his tenure in the O's organization. He has yet to produce a season where he has hit lower than .284, and after a batting-stance adjustment in the spring of 2015, Mancini now has home run power to go with his high batting average.
"Last year (2015) at spring training, Brady Anderson worked with me and we changed my stance in a pretty major way. I used to be lower and spread out, and now I stand up tall and kind of "hang" on my back leg while the pitcher is winding up. It's helped me get more weight and force into the ball when I hit it, which is where I think the power increase has come into play," Mancini told me in an interview last summer.
There is really only one major problem for Mancini in terms of the big league club, he's blocked at his primary position (first base) and with the re-signing of Mark Trumbo and two Rule-5 guys in the mix, there essentially seems to be no spot on the roster for Mancini.

This is nothing new for him though. Entering 2016, there was no spot on AAA Norfolk's roster for Mancini at first base or DH, so the Orioles, despite Mancini's big numbers, started him at AA. In conventional Mancini-fashion, he performed so well at the plate that he forced the Orioles' hand and they promoted him to AAA in less than a month.

Mancini may begin the year at AAA, but if he continues to do what he always does, hit, then the Orioles will have to figure out a way to make room for him in Baltimore because his bat could be a major factor for the O's in 2017.


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  1. If this continues he WILL play his way onto the team in 2017.


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