"Birdland Murders" A Murder Mystery Novel by Thomas Michael

It's my pleasure and honor to be able to post this. My father, Thomas Michael, just released his first novel, "Birdland Murders" and I could not be more thrilled and proud.

While his book is Orioles-based, it's not a baseball book, it's a thrilling and chilling murder mystery that shakes the Orioles, Baltimore, and the area's foundation.

Below is a preface to "Birdland Murders"

Someone was killing the building blocks of a once proud organization that in the last decade had fallen on hard times. The Baltimore Orioles were in the process of rebuilding it's minor and Major League systems with shred trades and high draft picks.

The city of Baltimore and the state of Maryland fans, and their local officials where all excited that their beloved birds were on their way back to respectability. Attendance was up through the whole minor league system from Aberdeen to Fredrick, Bowie to Delmarva. Even in Camden Yards, home of the beloved birds they were seeing a resurgence of interest.

Then the unthinkable started to happen. Some of their best prospects where being murdered. Systematically one by one the Orioles rising stars started to fall in all the minor league towns scattered across the state. It was devastating to the Oriole organization and the state’s economy with the loss of tax revenues.

The madness had to stop and it had to stop now. That task fell in the hands of Detective Mike Carrier, a single father of two who had his own share of personal tragedies, along with his partner-detective Roger Ginavan (Guinea) and an elite team of specialized officers. In the past, they had handled some of the highest profile cases in the state of Maryland; however this one would outweigh them all. They will follow the leads wherever the leads take them. From town to town, door step to door step and beyond to neighboring states if need be. They will pull out all the resources available to them no matter the cost to them, both professionally or personally as they seek to end to theses heinous crimes.
Once again, I know I may be a bit bias, but I thoroughly enjoyed reading "Birdland Murders" as it provided plenty of mystery, suspense and surprises along the way. I highly encourage Orioles fans, baseball fans, mystery fans or anyone who simply enjoys reading a quality book to check out and purchase "Birdland Murders."

You can purchase the book online at Amazon via the link here, and can also check out the Facebook page here.