Baby Birdland Writers

Curious about who the writers are here at Baby Birdland and why they share their passion on the Baltimore Orioles' minor leagues? Below are quick bio's on the writers here at Baby Birdland.

Founder, Editor, Writer

Josh Michael

I am an aspiring sports journalist who has been a Baltimore Sports fan since the day I came out of the womb. I bleed orange and purple, and am now showing my son the joys of being a Baltimore Sports fan.

This blog is my groundwork for what I hope to turn into a legitimate Orioles' minor league news website and to make my dream of covering the Birds, and more specifically their minor leagues, as a career a reality.

I began the concept of Baby Birdland in July 2016. The idea is to provide a one-stop shop for all of your Orioles' minor league news, notes and analysis from AAA all the way down to the Dominican Summer League, and through the fall and winter leagues as well.

I was the Editor of Orioles101 for nearly four years.

Contributing Writer

Chuck Boemmel Jr.

Born in Highlandtown and currently residing in Eastern Baltimore County, I am a Baltimore sports fan through and through; Orioles, Cal Ripken, Jr and Ravens. My earliest sports memory is sitting in my grandfather's basement listening to the 1969 World Series. I remember watching Jim O'Brien's kick in Super Bowl V, on a black and white TV by the way. I attended both baseball and football games at Memorial Stadium, lived through the good times and the bad times in Baltimore sports and now consider Oriole Park at Camden Yards home. I am confident we will see another Orioles World Series Championship in my lifetime.

I am a married father of three boys and grandfather of one. All three of my boys share my love of baseball but only my oldest can say he was alive when the Orioles won their last World Series Championship (he was 3). I bleed orange and black, so much so that I help with the promotion of #WearOrangeWednesdays on Twitter. I am a Senior Medical Technologist in the Chemistry Lab at a Baltimore area hospital.

I am writing for Baby Birdland to hopefully inform Orioles fans like myself about the farm system and its' many players; a knowledgeable fan is a good fan. I accepted the invitation to write for Baby Birdland to challenge myself and to see just how far I could develop my writing skills; after years of talking sports at home and at work, I thought it time to see if I could put my baseball knowledge into written form. I am not ashamed to admit that I did fail in a previous attempt at being selected as a guest contributor to another sports website prior to joining Baby Birdland. I hope you enjoy my writing and learn something in the process.

Contributing Writer

Patrick North

I am a Virginia native and a lifelong, diehard Nationals fan. Yea, right, I’m not one of those bandwagon National fans, who traveled down the wrong way of the beltway years ago. I grew up a huge Cal Ripken, Jr. fan as did many Orioles fan my age. Some of my fondest memories as a child entail trips to “The Yard” with my uncle. He and I would take in Sunday matinee games, inhale Boog’s BBQ sandwiches, and yell at opposing Left Fielders that were just rows in front us. Nothing beats a game at the yard.

I write for Baby Birdland, not because the editor is a childhood friend of mine, but because we have some hidden gems in our laughable farm system, as some mainstream columnists say, that Orioles fans need to read and know about. Fortunately for me, I am not too far from Frederick, Md. Where all future Orioles big leaguers make a stop on their way to the Yard.

I hope you enjoy reading our columns, specifically mine, just kidding, but not really. As you can tell, my writing is awesome. Don’t worry, I won’t leave for baby Bronx bomber land, and pull a Mussina!

Contributing Writer

Nick Stevens

I am a Suffolk, VA native who found my home in Harrisonburg, VA after graduating from James Madison University. Currently I am a high school history teacher and track coach in Staunton, VA. Baseball has always been a passion of mine, especially the Baltimore Orioles. I have loved the Orioles ever since I watched my first game with my dad. Growing up near Norfolk, I spent my summers at Harbor Park watching the Tides when they were affiliated with the Mets and have since developed a deep interest in the minor leagues. 

I'm writing for Baby Birdland to help spread the word about those Orioles who grind out their summers in the minors hoping to someday get their shot at playing at Camden Yards. I want to challenge myself to be a better writer, interact with all of you Orioles fans out there and even educate myself more about our future Orioles. I hope you enjoy the articles and LET'S GO O'S!